Starbuck’s Rewards credit card

Now this one is intriguing as a coffee fueled consumer. Let’s see what is involved here: $49 annual fee 2500 Bonus points for signing up and spending $500 in 90 days 250 Bonus points the first time you load your Starbucks card in your Starbucks app from your Starbucks Rewards Visa .25 PPD for non-Starbucks […]

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Understanding the Numbers – A Use Case

Let me tell you about my coworker Tim.  Tim was using the corporate card for all of his expenses, and I would give him a hard time every time he pulled it out.  Then one day, he smiled and pulls out a brand new shiney Capital One Venture card. “How about that?” he asked. “What […]

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American Express Hilton Aspire

Hold the phone. What’s this? A new American Express Hilton card?  I already have and love my Hilton Ascend card, do I need to upgrade to this??? Here’s the details on this new offering: $450 annual fee 14 PPD on spend at Hilton 7 PPD on Flights, Car rentals, and Restaurants 3 PPD on everything […]

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