FBI Article on Building a Digital Defense with Credit Reports

Since much of how I work and get rewarded centers around the use of credit cards, it would be remiss if I did not share this tidbit on securing your identity. The long and the short of the article can be summed up to: “Why is it important to make sure each of these reports […]

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BoA MLB Card – Showed me the money!

If you recall from last month’s post about this card. I went ahead and got the card and used it for a month.  Here’s what came in the mail today. That’s right!  After one month’s use I got the $150 sign up bonus and earned another $13.73 as well!   Thanks BOA!    

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Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Cards by Chase

A friend of mine (thanks Rick!) brought this one to my attention.  Sure, I’ve seen links and been prodded at check out about this program, but I never really looked into it. Until now. Amazon has a couple of cards through Chase that provide cash rewards for all of your shopping. Let’s see how they […]

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