Changes to Walmart Savings Catcher

This was sent to me by a friend that I like to call “WesMonster”. Check him out over at  Thanks Wes!!! – Keith So, for a few years now, I’ve been using the Walmart app to scan the bar code at the bottom of my Walmart receipts. The purpose is to record your purchases […]

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Yelp Cash Back, earn back from what you spend

Yelp has been around for years.  It’s well known for their amateur reviews of pretty much everything that shows up on a map;  restaurants, stores, services, etc.  They have introduced a Cash Back program that can help you make money on the money you spend where you like to shop. Or if you are looking […]

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I get the money!!!

Cash Back approaches, Which one is best?

Cash back is cash back is cash back, right? Different cards have different approaches to how you earn your cash back rewards through their cards. Point redemption Cards like the Amex Delta Reserve, Amex Hilton Aspire, Wells Fargo Propel, have you earn points per dollar.  As you build your point base, you can pick out […]

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US Bank Cash+ Visa

Not to be missed, US Bank offers the Cash+ Visa with some interesting options.  It has no annual fee (free to use and earn rewards!). Cash back is determined on three levels: 5% on two categories that you get to choose (options are things like cell phones, utilities, clothing stores, etc) 2% on Groceries and […]

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What’s in my wallet?

I figured it’d be a good idea to have a central spot to keep track of what all I’ve got going on.  There’s a lot of details behind it all, but we’ll keep it at a high level here. Card Annual Fee Reward Reward Rate Delta Reserve 450 Delta Miles 1 PPD Hilton Aspire 450 […]

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HSBC Cash Rewards Mastercard

<!–RndAds–> It’s good to have options, and the HSBC Cash Rewards Mastercard is a great option for a free cash back card.  Not only do you get your usual 1.5% cash back on all purchases, HSBC will throw in another 10% of your rewards on your anniversary. The more cash back you earn, the more […]

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Michael Kors sport coat

Sometimes the moons align…

The other day I got an email from Delta Shopping.  Macy’s was earning 13 miles per dollar spent. Another email that day mentioned their latest sale with a 30% off coupon code. And EBates, well that was sitting at 10% cash back for Macy’s. I immediately thought of this Michael Kors sport coat I had […]

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Citibank Double Cash Rewards Card

Here we have it, yet another card with cash back.  The Citibank Double Cash rewards card takes a unique spin.  You earn 1% as you spend, and another 1% as you pay your bill.  That’s a whopping 2% cash back on all of your spend. With no annual fee, this could be a contender for […]

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Barclaycard for Apple Rewards

I’ve been wanting to get a new MacBook for a couple of years now.  I’ve been getting by with my Surface Pro 3, while trying to justify dropping $2000 on some new hardware.  I go to Apple’s site (cuz I can’t stand the shopping experience at the Apple Store), and I price out what I’m […]

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Missed my target

A Lesson Learned with my Delta SkyMiles Status

As you know, my primary goal with my method is to achieve the best status I can with the Delta SkyMiles program.  I use the American Express Delta Reserve card to do this.  Each year, it’s the first card out of my wallet whether I’m doing a business expense, or a personal one.  Throughout the […]

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