Rakuten Dining? 5% Back at Participating Restaurants!

If you follow this blog, then you know that I am a fan of Rakuten (formerly Ebates). When it comes to online shopping, in store, or travel purchases I maximize my rewards by taking advantage of the available offers. But now, you can add restaurants to that list thanks to Rakuten Dining. By adding the […]

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A Rose by any Other Name, Would Smell Just as Sweet. Ebates is now Rakuten

As I logged in to Ebates this morning, I noticed a subtle little change. Ebates is now Rakuten. I’ve talked about how much of a fan of Ebates, and earning cash back from my online and in-store spending. (Double dip? Don’t mind if I do!) As it turns out, Japanese company Rakuten purchased Ebates in […]

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Michael Kors sport coat

Sometimes the moons align…

The other day I got an email from Delta Shopping.  Macy’s was earning 13 miles per dollar spent. Another email that day mentioned their latest sale with a 30% off coupon code. And EBates, well that was sitting at 10% cash back for Macy’s. I immediately thought of this Michael Kors sport coat I had […]

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You Win, I Win – Ebates, and why you shouldn’t shop without it

Like most things, I heard about Ebates from a friend.  They sent me a referral link and I earned, I forget, $5 or $10, they earned $10 or $20. Right now, you get $10, I get $25.  Not too shabby…. I installed the Ebates extension into my web browser and I have the mobile app […]

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